Publications which deal with Tatham




There are virtually no dedicated publications on Tatham but the following all contain details of specific aspects of its history.

Addy, J., Death, Money and the Vultures: Inheritance and avarice 1660-1750 (Routledge 1992). Examples of disputed wills – includes some Tatham folk.

Baines, Edward, History of the County Palatine of Lancaster (Fisher, London, 1836, revised 1868), vol IV, pp. 617-20. Click here for a brief description

Chippindall, Col. W.H.A., Sixteenth-Century Survey and Year’s Account of the Estates of Hornby Castle, Lancashire. (Chetham Society, 1939). Includes Tatham, Wray & Botton.

Ekwall, Eilert, Ph.D., The Place-Names of Lancashire (Manchester University Press, 1922). Contains the sources for and meanings of the earliest place-names in Tatham and other Lancashire townships.

Farrer, William and Brownill, J (eds), Victoria County History of Lancashire (Constable, London, vol.8, 1914), pp.217-224. Includes many details of local families and St James the Less church. Also available online at British History Online

cover dated buildings of South Lonsdale

Garnett, Emmeline, The Dated Buildings of South Lonsdale (Centre for North West Regional Studies, Lancaster University, 2nd revised edition, 2007). Illustrated gazetteer of date stones including Lower Tatham (pp.198-203) and Tatham Fells ( pp.204-13)

Graystone, P., Walking Roman Roads in Bowland (CNWRS, University of Lancaster, 1992). Includes the Ribchester-Burrow road through Tatham.

Hudson, Phillip J., Coal mining in Lunesdale (Hudson History, Procter House, Kirkgate, Settle, 1998). Chapter 8 deals with the Hornby Estate’s mines in Tatham; chapter 9 with Wray.

Hudson, Phillip J., Take a Closer Look at Wenningdale Mills (Hudson History, Procter House, Kirkgate, Settle, no date). Includes mills at Hornby, Wennington, Clintsfield and Robert Hall, Low & High Bentham.

Kelly, Michael, Geology of the Lune and Upper Ribble Coalfields (British Mining monograph 85, Northern Mine Research Society, Nelson, Lancashire,2008). Contains details of geology and coal deposits in Tatham area.

Kenyon, David, Wray and District Remembered: a photographic history of the life and times of a working village (David Kenyon, Kenmoor, Wray, 2008). Profusely illustrated book with details of work and people. Contains several photos from Tatham.

Lofthouse, Jessica, Lancashire's Fair Face: Discoveries Ribble to Lune (Robert Hale, London, 1952; second edition with updates 1976). A chapter includes impressions of life in Hindburndale and Roeburndale in the late 1940s, and of the impact on it of the Haweswater pipeline construction.

Lofthouse, Jessica, Countrygoer’s North (Robert Hale, London 1965). Includes Lune Valley and mentions Tatham and Wray.

Macfarlane, Alan, The Justice and the Mare’s Ale (Blackwell, Oxford, 1981). A ‘black gang’ who terrorised the Lune Valley in the late 17th century. Several Tatham families and residences mentioned as centres of ‘coin clipping’.

book cover justice mares ale

Nightingale, Rev. B., M.A., Litt.D., Early Stages of the Quaker Movement in Lancashire (Congregational Union of England and Wales, London, 1921). Includes several reference to persecution of Quakers of Tatham and other Lancashire parishes.

Osborne, Bronwen, This Remote School: the old school at Tatham Fells, 1875-1961 portrayed from its log books (published privately, no date, second impression 2010). Extensive reproduction of original documents with commentary. Click here for further information.

Peacock, R.B.A., Glossary of the Dialect of the Hundred of Lonsdale North and South of the Sands (Asher & Co., 1869)

Pevsner, Nikolaus North Lancashire (Penguin, 1969, buildings of England series), pp. 245-46, revised and extended by Clare Hartwell, Lancashire North (Yale University Press, 2009), pp. 664-66. Mainly about the churches but also entries on Blands and Robert Hall.

Price, J.W.A., The Industrial Archaeology of the Lune Valley (CNWRS, University of Lancaster, Occasional Paper No 13, 1983)

book cover land of the lune

Self, John, The Land of the Lune: a guide to the region within the Lune watershed (Drakker Press , 20 Moorside Road, Brookhouse, Lancaster, LA2 9PJ). Chapter 11 ‘Wenningdale, Hindburndale and Roeburndale’. Profusely illustrated and very readable guide.

St James the Less Church, Tatham: A History and Guide (Tatham Parochial Church Council, no date)

Winstanley, Michael (ed.), Rural Industries of the Lune Valley (Centre for North West Regional Studies, Lancaster University, 2000). Chapters by Hudson, ‘Quarrying and extractive industries’ and ‘Mining the Lonesdale coals). Chapters by Workman and Garnett explore hatting and basket making in Wray.

Winstanley, Michael, A Traditional Grocer: T.D. Smith's of Lancaster, 1858-1981 (Centre for North West Regional Studies, Lancaster University, 1991). Chapter 1 deals with Smith’s early family life in Botton and, particularly, Mealbank, Lower Tatham.

book cover: a Traditional Grocer T.D. Smith

Woodall, Sara, Voices from a Trunk, The Lost Lives of the Quaker Eddisons, 1805-1867 (Blackthorn Press, 2014). Includes material on later generations of a family with the surname Tatham - John and Grace Tatham who hailed from the parish. The Tatham family pedigree can be viewed on this website.



Goth, Michael, ‘Taking a look at the myths and legends of Blands Farm, Wennington’, Contrebis*, vol. 26, 2001-02, pp. 41-47.

Goth, Michael, ‘The Mill at Millhouses, Wray’, Contrebis*, vol.28, 2003-04, pp. 20-22.

Higham, M., 'The Boundaries of Burton-in-Lonsdale Chase', Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol 66 (1994). Includes the Tatham-Mewith boundary

Higham, M., ‘The Medieval Borough of Hornby’, Lancashire Local Historian, No 7 (1992).

Holmes, David, ‘The Burrows of Blands’, Lancashire History Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 2 (1997), pp. 81-87.

Howard-Davis, C., 'Alleged earthwork opposite Tatham Hall Farm' in 'Lancaster Sites and Monuments Register and its Computerisation', Contrebis*, vol 2 (1983-4), pp. 21-23.

Hudson, P. J. ‘Coal seams and mine workings below Moorhead and Meggs Farm’, Contrebis*, vol. 26, pp. 38-40. A discovery made after the publication of his book on coal mining in the district.

Woodworth, Philip L., 'Three Georges and one Richard Holden: the Liverpool tide table makers', Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, vol. 151, 2002, pp. 19-52. The story of how George Holden, the curate of Tatham in the late 18th century, and later members of his family, calculated and published the annual tide tables for major port of Liverpool. Also available online in two files. Click for HSLC article and further personal details of the family.

* Contrebis: a bulletin of archaeology and local history for Lancashire and the North West, published by Lancaster Archaeological and Historical Society.



A Year in the Fells A slide show with music of a year (1982) in Tatham Fells. Now a VHS video and DVD. Click here for further information.



Directories summarise characteristics of parishes and gives names and dwelling place of gentry, clergy, teachers and "commercial" persons, usually including farmers. Beware that the data could be several years out of date by publication.

The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce and Manufacture (Champanye and Whitrow, London, 1794)

Baines, Edward, History, Directory, and Gazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster (Wales & Co., 1824), Vol II. Gives population but excludes farmers for Tatham.

Baines, Edward, History, Directory, and Gazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster (Fisher & Son, London, 1836), Vol II.

Barrett, P. & Co., Topography and directory of Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth, Milnthorpe, Kirkby Lonsdale, Batham, Ingleton and adjacent villages and townships (1886)

Bulmer, T., History, Topography and Directory of Lancaster & District (Bulmer & Co., 1912). Contains separate historical descriptions of each parish and township and names and addresses of principal inhabitants within a range of about 16 miles.

Kelly, E.R., The post office directory of Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester (1864)

Kelly, E.R., The post office directory of Lancashire (1873)

Kelly’s Directory of Lancashire. Editions published in 1898, 1901, 1905, 1913, 1918, 1924.

Mannex, P. & Co., History, Topography, and Directory, of Westmorland; and the hundreds of Lonsdale and Amounderness in Lancashire (Mannex & Co., 1851, repr. Michael Moon, 1978)

Mannex, P., Directory of North and East Lancashire (1868)

Mannex, P. & Co., History and Directory of Barrow in Furness and the whole of North Lancashire (1876)

Mannex, P. & Co., Topography and Directory of Lancaster and sixteen miles around with an essay on the science of geology (1881)

Slater, Isaac. Royal National commercial directory of Cumberland, Lancaster and Westmorland (1869)

Tunnicliff, William. Topographical survey of the counties of Stafford, Chester and Lancaster (1787)


Other Published Sources

Brierley, Henry, LL.D (ed.): "The Registers of Tatham 1558 – 1812" in The Earliest Registers of Caton, Claughton, Gressingham, Hornby and Tatham (Lancashire Parish Register Society vol. 59, Preston, 1922)

Leech, Dr E Bosdin (ed.): The Registers of Tatham Fells Church, 1713 – 1837 and Tatham Church (Part 2), 1813 – 1837 (Lancashire Parish Register Society vol. 78, Preston, 1940)

Holt, Jennifer: The Registers of Melling in Lonsdale 1720-1850 (Lancashire Parish Register Society vol. 172, 2010), 404 pp.

Some LPRS parish register data is published on CD, and is available on-line from the Parish Chest and from GENfair (search using the name in the first column).

CD 78
Tatham Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1813-1837
Tatham Fells Marriages 1746-1754, Baptisms & Burials 1745-1837.
CD 59
Includes Tatham Baptisms & Marriages 1558-1812, Burials 1558-1811; and
Hornby Baptisms 1742-1790, Marriages 1743-1748, Burials 1763-1788
CD 40
Includes Melling Baptisms 1625-1721, Marriages 1629-1721 & Burials 1636-1752

Catholic Record Society, Miscellanea IV (Dawson and Sons, (1907, repr. 1969). Contains the Catholic Registers of Robert Hall 1757-1811

Noble, A.J., and Hayes, J. S. (eds), The 1757 Militia Ballot List for South Lonsdale (Lancaster City Museums, 1997). Tatham men listed pp.39-41.

Indexes of wills and inventories of Tatham and other local people are found in:
Fishwick, Lieut.-Colonel Henry, F.S.A. (ed.): Lancashire Wills Proved at Richmond 1457 to 1680 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol. 10, 1884)
Fishwick, Lieut.-Colonel Henry, F.S.A. (ed.): Lancashire Wills Proved at Richmond 1681 to 1748 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol. 13, 1886)
Fishwick, Lieut.-Colonel Henry, F.S.A. (ed.): Lancashire Wills Proved at Richmond 1748 to 1792 (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society vol. 23, 1891)
(There is at least one more volume dealing with 1793 onwards; bibliographic details not known)


Publications on surrounding area


Anon, The Dialect of Craven (Wm. Crofts, London, 2nd enlarged edition, 1828)

Bibby, James, A History of Bentham (1932, rpt 1984)

Carr, Joseph (edited by Peter Marshall), Bygone Bentham (Landy Publishing, 3 Staining Rise, Staining, Blackpool, 1997). Based on newspaper articles written in the late 19th century.

Garnett, Emmeline and Green-Hughes, M., The Dated Buildings of Bentham (North Craven Heritage Trust, 2000).

Hudson, R., Take a Closer Look at Bentham Boundaries (Hudson History, Settle, no date).

Johnson, David, A Century of Bentham (Landy Publishing, 1998). A photographic survey.

Johnson, David, Bentham as it Were (Landy Publishing, 2007).

book cover: History of Bentham Grammar School

Huddleston R.E., Wilson, John and Warbrick, J. S, The History of Bentham Grammar School, 1726-1976 (Bentham G.S., 1976)

Pafford, E.R. & J.H.P., Employer and Employed: Ford, Ayrton & Co. Ltd. Silk Spinners, (Pasold Research Fund, 1974). History of worker participation in mills in Leeds and Low Bentham 1870-1970.

Smith, A.H., The Place-Names of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Part Six (Cambridge University Press, 1961). Includes Bentham, Burton-in-Lonsdale, etc.

Speight, Harry, The Craven and North-West Yorkshire Highlands (Smith, Settle, 1892, reprinted 1989).

The Parish Register of Bentham 1666-1812 (The Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 1932)


Burton in Lonsdale and area

Brears, P., North Country Folk Art (John Donald, 1989). Includes pottery from Burton-in-Lonsdale.

Burton in Lonsdale Millenium History Group, Glimpses of Burton’s Past (Burton in Lonsdale Millenium History Group, 2000)

Dodson, C.T.J., The Earl of Derby’s Courthouse at Burton-in-Lonsdale (Hudson History 2003)

Humphries, Muriel (edited by John Wilson), Quarries, Coal, Clay and Cloth: Nineteenth-century industry in the Wenning and Great Valleys (Ewecross Historical Society, 2003, printed by Hudson History Settle).

McCutcheion, K.L., Yorkshire Fairs and Markets to the end of the eighteenth century (Thoresby Society, 1940). Shows that the grant of a fair and market to John de Moubray in 1307 refers to Burton-in-Lonsdale and not Bentham as is almost universally stated in modern publications referring to Bentham

Orton, H. & Halliday, W.J., Survey of English Dialects: The Six Northern Counties and the Isle of Man (University of Leeds – 3 vols & Introduction, 1962)

One of the interviewees was a Burton-in-Lonsdale man

White, A., Country Pottery from Burton in Lonsdale (Lancaster City Museums: Local Studies No 10 1989)

The Parish Register of Thornton-in-Lonsdale 1576-1812 (The Yorkshire Parish Register Society 1931) Includes Burton-in Lonsdale.



Bishop of Lancaster, Ann Fenwick of Hornby: A Woman of the Penal Times (1977)

Garnett, Emmeline, John Marsden’s Will: the Hornby Castle dispute, 1780-1840 (Hambledon Press, London, 1998). Infamous court case about inheritance of the estate. Contains rich detail of people’s lives in the area, including people from Tatham.

Book cover: The Hornby Castle Dispute 1780-1840

Holt, J S., ‘Hornby Town and the textiles of Melling parish in the early-modern period’, Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, Vol 101 (2005)

White, Andrew, Hornby Lancashire: A Guide & Brief History (Hornby Village Trust, 2008)


Wray with Botton

Garnett, Emmeline, Illustrated Wray Walk (Wray Endowed School, 1997)

Garnett, Emmeline, The Wray Flood of 1967 (Centre for North West Regional Studies, Lancaster University, 2002). A flash flood which famously destroyed houses and buildings in the village.
(See also an on-line video focusing on some of the post-flood demolition work, but also illustrating the extent of the devastation)

Garnett, Emmeline, Wray’s Famous Son: from village school to Law Society (Trustees of Wray School, no date). A biography of Bryan Holme, founder of the Law Society.

(see also Kenyon under Tatham above)

Remington, J.S.A., Peep into the Past (Titus Wilson, 1935). A history of the Remington family, including Summersgill in Botton.

Wray Endowed School: A Souvenir of the Tercentenary Celebration 1684-1984 (Trustees of Wray School).


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