Rev. James Marshall's Fatal Accident 1905


Transcript of Coroner's report. The original can be read in Lancashire Archives, reference DDHD/CR/10/10

To wit:-

AN INQUISITION taken for our Sovereign Lord the King at The Royal Infirmary in the Parish of Lancaster in the County Palatine of Lancaster on the 2nd day of May 1905 before Lawrence Neville Holden deputy for LAWRENCE HOLDEN, one of His Majesty's Coroners for the said County Palatine, upon the Oaths of good and lawful men of the said County Palatine, duly sworn to inquire for our Lord the King, on view of the body of James Marshall as to his death; and those of the Jurors whose names are hereunto subscribed upon their Oaths do say:- That on the 2nd day of May in the year aforesaid at Lancaster in the County aforesaid the said James Marshall died from injuries accidentally received whilst cycling near Slyne on the 15th March last.

AND do further say:- That the deceased was 64 years old and the Vicar of Tatham Fells.

IN WITNESS whereof as well the Coroner as the Jurors have hereunto set their hands and Seals the day and year first above written.

L. Neville Holden Deputy CORONER, John Cockrill Foreman, John Lawson, William Ed Brammall, John Henry Ridge, John Day, R.H. Banks, William H. Long, J. Parker, D. Richardson, Arthur Airey, Thomas Satterthwaite, Charles Atkinson.


this 2nd day of May 1905 at Lancaster before me Lawrence Neville Holden Deputy for Lawrence Holden One of the Coroners for Our Lord the King for the County Palatine of Lancaster upon an Inquest touching the death of James Marshall.

James Stevenson Denny Marshall on his oath says: I live at Tatham Fells Vicarage. Decd was my father. James Marshall was the Vicar of Tatham Fells. He was 64 years old. He had been cycling for the last 5 years and had had no previous accident. On the 16th March I saw him in the Lancaster Infirmary; that was the day after his accident. He told me he had been riding down the hill approaching Slyne from Halton and saw a child in the road and swerved to avoid her. In doing so dashed into a cart standing by the road side, and was thrown violently off his cycle on to the road. The cart did not fall over on to him and he was injured by his forcible contact with the cart. He called for help and was answered by Mrs. Pennington of the Farm close to. He was taken into the farmhouse and afterwards brought here to the infirmary. There was only one witness to the accident and that was the child who was about 13 years old. Decd attached no blame to anyone.

Mary Eliz Crenow? on her oath says: I am the Matron of the Royal Infirmary, Lancr. Since decd was admitted here he has told me about his accident. He said he was coming down the hill to Slyne and to avoid running into a child he had to swerve and so ran against the cart. He found afterwards that the child was deaf. He did not blame anyone for what happened and only said he met with the accident in getting out of the way of the child.

Joseph Henry Irving on his oath says: I am one of the Hon Med. Officers at the Lancr Infirmary. Decd was brought to this Infirmary on the evening of March the 15th. I saw him immediately on his arrival. I examined him and found he had broken the left knee cap into very minute fragments and at the same time sustained a compound fracture of the left knee opening into the knee joint. He had a compound fracture of the thigh bone about 4 ins above the knee joint. Also general bruising and scratches. Such injuries could be caused by coming into violent contact with the hub of a cart wheel. He told me how the accident happened and that he attached no blame to anyone. In spite of the attention and treatment he gradually sank and died this morning. The cause of death was exhaustion and blood poisoning following on the injuries.

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