Poem: Tatham Fells


The cutting shown below was sent by Jane Brooks, and we are grateful to her for allowing us to use it.

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ON VISITING TATHAM FELLS.image of poem Tatham Fells by Arthur Capstcik

Yet once again my wandering steps
To childhood's haunts return;
Familiar objects meet my gaze,
And call to mind those happy days
          I passed at Tatham Fells.

Scenes well remembered meet my eye,
Where'er I turn my steps;
Though long forsaken, ne'er forgot,
Still dear to me each well known spot
          Around the Tatham Fells.

Ye bring to mind those happy times,
Those boyish early days;
My old companions, where are they
Whom oft I met in sportive play
          In youth at Tatham Fells.

By some perchance, I'm now forgot,
Their memories scarcely tell;
And other friends have filled the void,
And hold the place to me denied,
          The bonnie Tatham Fells.

Still let the hope my heart console,
That we who climbed the woods and gills;
When all our earthly toils are o'er,
Shall meet upon a happier shore
          By far than Tatham Fells.

Ye faithful few who still are true,
And former friendship tells;
No language can the love impart,
That glows within my inmost heart
          For you and Tatham Fells.

Where'er your lot in life be cast,
May happiness attend you still;
Long may you prosper, may the sting
Of dire misfortune never wring
          Your hearts at Tatham Fells.

I fondly still would linger near
The spot where I was born, so dear;
Though now I cannot long remain,
Perhaps I may return again
          To you and Tatham Fells.

In distant lands I perhaps may fall,
With scarce a friend to tell;
I fondly hope when on my bier,
Some kindly eye may shed a tear
          For me at Tatham Fells.

Rochdale.      ARTHUR CAPSTICK

[Date and publication unknown]

The Author

Arthur Iveson Capstick born 6th June 1848 in Tatham Fells.
Son of Thomas and Mary Anne Capstick of Maiden Bridge.

At Maiden Bridge in census for 1851, 1861 (Scholar), 1871 (Ag Labourer).


St. Chad's church Rochdale parish register, 13th September 1875.
Arthur Capstick, aged 27, bachelor, butcher of Milkstone Road, Rochdale.
Elizabeth Webster, aged 25, spinster, of Sudden, Rochdale.
Groom's father: Thomas Capstick, Farmer
Bride's father: William Webster, silk dresser


Daughter (Ann Webster Capstick) born Rochdale, July-September quarter 1875
Daughter (Mary Elizabeth Capstick) born Rochdale 1880

1881 census. Butcher's shop, 260 Manchester Road, Castleton, Rochdale.
Arthur, head, butcher, age 32, born Tatham.
Elizabeth, wife, age 31, born Bentham, Y.
Barbara E., dau, age 3, born Rochdale
Mary E., dau, age 1, born Rochdale

Son (Thomas Arthur Capstick) born Rochdale 1884.


Arthur Iveson Capstick died in Rochdale on 21st November 1888.

Memorial in Tatham Fells churchyard on his parents' gravestone.

His widow remarried Dec. qtr. 1889 in Rochdale to Alexander Peat.