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Great War scroll


Tatham Fells church Great War Scroll
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(Transcribed in alphabetical order)

Declared August 4th 1914 Armistice signed Nov 11th 1918 Peace Treaty signed at Versailles June 28th 1919

Let those who come after see to it that their names are not forgotten
H.M. King George V


JOHN THOMAS CARR. Army Ordnance Corps. Enlisted May 24 1916. Trained at Aldershot. Crossed to France July 7 1916. Distinguished for much useful work. Died in the 3rd Stationary Hospital France Nov 30 1918 from Bronchial Pneumonia.
[Age 23. Of Ivah. 1911 census: Mewith Head, Bentham, age 16. Son of Lucas and Mary Ann Carr. Buried in France at Janval civil cemetery, Dieppe]

Lawrence Lancelot Dowbiggin
Reproduced with kind permission of Jane Brooks

LAURENCE LANCELOT DOWBIGGIN. 9th Batt. Royal Fusiliers. Enlisted Nov 1915. Trained at Shoreham & Long Camp - Crossed to France July 1916. Reported missing on Oct 7 1916 after attack on Gueudecourt.
[1901 census: Low Stockbridge, age 3. 1911 census: Sea View, age 13. He remains missing, and has no grave. His name is amongst the thousands on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing on the Somme.]

Thiepval memorial - Dowbiggin inscription
Reproduced with kind permission Allan Hartley

JOHN EMMOTT. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Enlisted Jan 2nd 1917. Trained at Oswestry. Crossed to France March 1917. Transferred to 8th Batt. East Lancashires. Was in the attack on Messines Ridge; afterwards mentioned in despatches and awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous gallantry whilst a message (sic) to headquarters under heavy shellfire. Was wounded and gassed in the same battle. Reported missing between March 24th & 30th. Found to have been taken prisoner wounded, & died in German hospital May 26 1918.
[Age 21. Son of Charles and Susannah Emmott. 1901 census: Scarffs Farm (house now in ruins - near Flannagill), Bentham, age 4, born Bentham. Buried in Germany at Berlin South-Western cemetery. Nephew of Alfred Emmott below]

Alfred Gunn grave
Reproduced with kind permission of Allan Hartley

ALFRED GUNN. 11th Batt. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Enlisted Sept 2nd 1916. Trained at Oswestry. Crossed to France Dec 20th 1916. The Regt. was held up at Cambrai 48 hours without food, suffered from a severe gas attack & later from malaria. Wounded at Arras [British offensive 9th April to 16 May 1917] & taken to a Canadian hospital. The week after leaving hospital was killed on his way to the line, June 8th 1917
[Son of Alfred & Jane Gunn, who were living at Balshaw (since demolished - near Moorcock) in 1911 census. 1901 census: Bailrigg, Scotforth, age 8.
The information on the scroll is at least partly incorrect. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists Private A E Gunn of 1st Batt. KORL, son of Alfred and Jane Gunn, but his date of death was exactly a year later - June 8th 1918.  He was in fact killed in the lead-up to the 3rd battle of Ypres. He was 25, and was buried in France at Gonnehem British Cemetery]


lowgill war memorial
War Memorial in Lowgill
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JAMES BRAMWELL. 18th Batt. Middlesex Regt. Joined May 26th 1917. Trained at North Shields & Whitley Bay. Crossed Mar 16th 1918. In the rush to stay the enemy at Vimy Ridge. In bombing raid at Arras May 12th. Over the top at St. Ledger May 24th. Severely gassed Cambrai May 27th. Returned Oct 16th and received his discharge Jan 6th 1919.
[1901 census: Lowgill, age 2]

THOMAS BRENNAND. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 29th. Joined his Regt. at Havricourt. Marched to Quiesy. In action Romerirs & Ruesnes. Later returned to La Longueville. Marched into Germany. Demobilised Feb 21st 1919.
[1901 census: Botton Head, age 6]

LUCAS CARR. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 23rd 1918. Trained at Harwich, Scotland. Farm Work. Demobilised Feb 2nd 1919.
[Of Ivah. 1911 census: Mewith Head, Bentham age 14]

ALFRED EMMOTT. Army Service Corps. Joined April 23rd 1917. Trained at Blackheath. Transferred to Bedford Aug 13th 1917. Served in transport duty until June 13th 1919.
[1911 census: Usherwoods, age 35, born Bentham, living with his wife of 7 years and 4 daughters aged 0-6 years]

THOMAS GRIMSHAW. 1st Batt. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 22nd 1918. Trained at Harwich. Crossed Sep 21st. Served at Arras & Cambrai, as Lewis Gunner. Over the top at Querenaing Oct 25th, at Valenciennes [from] Nov 14th to Jan 1919. At Morlauwels until March. Joined 13th Batt. at Brussels April 3rd & served on the German frontier. Rejoined 1st Batt. at Dublin in Sept. Demobilised Oct 23rd.
[1901 census: Moorcock Farm, age 1. Died 2-2-1968, aged 68, bur. Tatham Fells]

GARNETT HALL. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 22nd 1918. Trained at Harwich. Crossed Sep 20. Joined 25th Batt. Sept 25th, in firing line at Anneux the same night. At La Folle Wood, Canal d'Escault 28th, Proville Oct 1st, Cambrai 8th & 9th, Lille 18th, Pont-a-Chin 22nd. Returned to Leggeues until Dec 20th, Arras Jan 20th. Demobilised Feb 2nd 1919.
[1901 census: Broadwoods, Botton, age 2. 1911 census: Bracken Bottom, Tatham, age 12]

DRIVER THOMAS HALL. 3rd Batt. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined June 29th 1918. Trained Harwich. Moved to Walton & Ireland. Demobilised October 1919.

WILLIAM HIRD. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 23rd [1918?]. Trained Harwich. Crossed Sept 26th. Moved up to Watton and remained until demobilised Jan 1st 1919.
[1901 census: Lowgill Farm, age 5]

JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined June 21st 1918. Trained Harwich. Served Ireland. Demobilised Sept 24th 1919. [1911 census: Swarthdale Farm, Over Kellet, age 13; born Austwick. Presumably lived in Tatham Fells or Botton after the war]

THOMAS JOHNSON. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Enlisted June 18th 1916. Trained at Plymouth, transferred to the Worcestershire Regiment. Left Southampton for Mesopotamia April 1st 1917. Embarked in H.M.S. Cameronia at Marseilles. Ship torpedoed 100 miles from Malta. Left Port Suez in June in H.M.S. Chahara, which grounded in the Red Sea, but being towed off returned under her own steam. Eventually reaching Mesopotamia via India, joined the 9th Batt. & fought in several actions against the Turks. In 1918 marched through Persia to the Caspian Sea 700 miles. One of 70 volunteers to hold a pass. Marched 40 miles without food & did a guard in less than 24 hours. In Baku in 1919, Tiflis, Batoum, Constantinople & in the Wilds of Turkey. Sent home in October & demobilised Oct 20th 1919. [1911 census: Swarthdale Farm, Over Kellet, age 16; born Austwick, but father born Wray-with-Botton. Thomas lived at Lower Houses, Botton for most of his life after the war (JW pers. comm.)]

STANLEY NEWHOUSE. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 23rd. Trained Harwich. Crossed Sept 25th. Served at Cambrai & La Longueville, and marched to Cologne. Demobilised October 1919.
[1901 census: Lower Houses, age 3]

DRIVER JOHN WALTER SMITH. Royal Field Artillery. Joined Sept 11th 1916. Trained at Preston. Crossed to France Feb 15th 1917. Served at Armentieres & Messines Ridge and Nieuport. Ordered to Italy. Returned to Arras April 2nd 1918. Served in the 2nd Battle of the Somme Aug 6th 1918, Cambrai & Noirchain and was discharged February 4th 1919.
[1901 census: Crossdale Grange, age 10]

EDWARD RAWLINSON. 3rd Batt. King's Own Royal Lancasters. Joined May 22nd 1918. Trained Harwich. Crossed Sept 27th. Moved to Etaples & Abencourt & transferred to Garrison Guards R.F. Oct 1st. Discharged Jan 20th 1919.
[1901 census: High Stockbridge, age 6]

CORP. WILLIAM RAWLINSON. 10th Batt. Duke of Wellington's. Enlisted Sept 15th 1914. Trained at Frensham Common, Aldershot, Camberley, Folkestone, Maidstone & Bramshot. Crossed to France Aug 23rd 1915. Fought at Loos 25th & 26th. Took part in bombing raids at Armentieres. Was a machine gunner during his time in France. He fought at Vimy Ridge and in many smaller engagements. Was seriously wounded in the Battle of the Somme, losing the sight of the left eye, and discharged July 2nd 1917.
[1901 census: High Stockbridge, age 7. On 21st Feb 1916 visited Tatham Fells School whilst on leave, and showed the children souvenirs of his service in France, and items of his equipment. Died 26-3-1969, aged 75, bur. Tatham Fells]

GUNNER THOMAS HENRY WILSON. Royal Garrison Artillery. Joined Jan 29th 1917. Trained at Winchester & Portsmouth. Crossed July 26th. Served at Arras, Cambrai, Nov 20th March 21st then Bapaum, Arras & Albert and was in the rush to the Amiens Front April 8th 1918. Was wounded at Arras Sep 12th and discharged Dec 27th 1918.
[1901 census: Green Hall, age 11. Died 28-5-1956, aged 66, bur. Tatham Fells]


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