T.D. Smith reminiscences:
the source


The original manuscript was discovered in 1981 in the loft of a shop in Dalton Square which had been run as T.D. Smiths Ltd. by some of the firm’s ex-employees after the family had withdrawn from business in the 1960s. It was typed by Mrs Annie Pyke, wife of Herbert, who had worked man and boy for the family firm. It has been reproduced with permission from Joe Smith, TD’s great-grandson.

A digital copy has been transcribed from Annie Pyke’s typescript by AW. MW has added editorial commentary and photographs and incorporated some amendments to wording, spelling and punctuation for consistency and meaning. The original capitalisation has been preserved in most cases, as has the use of ‘&’ for ‘and’. Some words remain unclear. If anyone can assist in deciphering them please let us know!

Further details of T.D. Smith’s business and family can be found in Michael Winstanley (ed.), A Traditional Grocer: T.D. Smith’s of Lancaster, 1858-1981 (Centre for North West Regional Studies, Lancaster University, 1991), pp.47.


For further details of the family and its holdings, see pages on this website dealing with the census and tithes. We hope to publish fuller information about TD’s business in Lancaster and his family’s longstanding continuing connections with the area on this website in due course.


The Smith family
The late Herbert and Annie Pyke for original transcription
AW for retyping
Editing and Annotations MW

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